NURS 6002 Week 4 Assignment


NURS 6002 Week 4 Assignment Answer: Practicum Assignment: Meditrek and the Practicum Plan

One of the requirements you must successfully complete for the Master of Science in Nursing is the Practicum(s). Everything you need to know about the Practicum requirements can be found in the Practicum Manual. It is important for you to be familiar with the Practicum Manual and the Practicum Requirements.

In preparation for the Practicum, you must identify your Preceptor(s), qualified nurses within a practicum site who are responsible for guiding students’ practicum experiences. There are specific qualifications for Preceptors. Once you find a person who is interested in serving as your Preceptor, you must also find out whether this individual meets the qualifications to serve as your preceptor. It is never too early to begin looking for a Preceptor.

For this Assignment, you will first login to Meditrek, the application the College of Nursing uses to track all Practicum information and documentation. You also will identify potential Preceptors and Practicum Sites and indicate when you plan to take the Practicum course(s) by completing the Practicum Plan in Meditrek.

Note: Make sure to start on this assignment early just in case you have problems logging into Meditrek.

To Prepare – Locate your Meditrek Credentials (Username and Password):

  • Your credentials have been emailed to your Walden student email address.  Search your Walden student issued email to locate the email from  (NOTE:  Do not email Meditrek directly, please use the following methods if you are unable to locate your Meditrek credentials.)
  • If you are unable to find your email, you may request your credentials emailed to you online by requesting a password reset online:
  • If you are unable to obtain your username and password for Meditrek, complete the Meditrek Credential Request form.
  • If you are unable to reset your password online, call the Customer Care Team Support at 800-925-3368 or live chat via your student portal.
  • Within Meditrek, click the “Search Affiliation Agreements” link to review the database of affiliation agreements that Walden has with potential field sites in your specialty and area.

The Assignment: NURS 6002 Week 4 Assignment Answer

Part 1:

  • Login to Meditrek.
  • Once you are logged into Mediatrek, utilize the following tutorial to create a PDF of the home screen.

Part 2:

  • Using the affiliation agreement database search within Meditrek, identify potential Practicum Sites that are in your area.
  • Complete the Practicum Plan form found in Meditrek.
  • Once you have submitted the Practicum Plan, you will receive a confirmation email. Use the following tutorials to create a PDF of your confirmation email.

By Day 7

Submit the PDF of the Meditrek Home Screen and the email confirmation you received after submitting your Practicum Plan form in Meditrek

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