Advanced Strategic Management (MGMT-885) discussion 8



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  1. Read the FedEx case (at the end of Chapter 8) and some of the additional sources listed below. Please feel free to also search for and read other sources.
  1. Make a “Marketing” post

  • Select one of the “Marketing” items (a – d) that has not yet been selected. To see which items have been selected, please read the discussion posts.
  • Address the item in a discussion post.
  • Use the following title for your post – Marketing – (letter you have selected)



  1. Describe FedEx’s pricing strategy. Use examples.
  2. Describe FedEx’s promotion strategy. Use examples.
  3. Describe FedEx’s product/service strategy. Use examples.
  4. Describe FedEx’s price (distribution) strategy. Use examples.


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