ANT 101 Week 2 Assignment 2


Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (GSF2013A)


ANT 101 Week 2 Assignment 2: Locating Scholarly Resources [WLO: 3] [CLO: 5]

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review the three articles you were assigned from the “Article Selector” quiz. You can click on your quiz grade to review the references you were given.

This assignment will help you become familiar with conducting anthropological research using the Ashford University Library and prepare you for the Final Research Paper. You will also learn to identify the thesis statement in articles. For this assignment, you will be locating articles and texts from a variety of databases that are commonly used in anthropological research.

In addition to being able to locate articles, it is important to be able to identify the thesis statements of the articles or texts to make sure they will be useful in your research.

To begin, please

After you have located the articles,




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