AOJ 204 Drug Courts


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AOJ 204 Drug Courts

Drug Courts (POST)

We are talking this week about “Specialized Courts.”

One very common type of specialized courts are drug courts.

Review the following link: (Links to an external site.) .  go to the bottom of the page and you will see “Foundations of Justice Reform.”  To the right you’ll see “The Story.”  Click on “The Story”.  At the bottom of the page you will see an embedded YouTube video.  Click on it to watch a short documentary about Drug Courts.

What did you learn about drug courts?  Tell us at least 3 things you learned.

Then I want you to do some research on drug courts in a particular state (you can choose any state).  Tell us the following:  How does the drug court work?  When was it established?  Has it been successful, and is there evidence of it’s success?  Were you able to find how many people’s cases are adjudicated in that court each year?  Has the court changed since it’s inception?  And feel free to add anything else you find that you want to share.

AOJ 204 Drug Courts



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