AOJ 204 Federal and State courts


2021FA-AOJ-204-2001-Criminal Trial Process


AOJ 204 Federal and State courts

Federal and State courts (POST)

First, we’re going to use the US Courts website to do some research.  Click on the following link: (Links to an external site.)

You’ll see in the middle of the page it says, “Comparing Federal and State Courts.”  Click on that and read the information.  Then tell us about 3 similarities  between federal and state courts, then describe 3 differences.

Now, go back to that main link that I provided above.  This page is full of information about the courts such as types of cases, Supreme Court landmarks, cameras in the courtroom, etc.  Click on one of these links and read the information provided. Then summarize what you read in at least 4 sentences.


AOJ 204 Federal and State courts



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