AOJ 204 Ineffective Assistance of Counsel 


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AOJ 204 Ineffective Assistance of Counsel 

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel (POST)

Start by reading pages 265-266 in the book about ” Effective and Ineffective Assistance of counsel.”  Then read the PDF file about wrongful convictions involving ineffective assistance of counsel in our module (it’s pasted below as well).

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel.pdf

Then answer the following questions:

1.  What is the 2 pronged test from Strickland v. Washington (on pages 265)?  Explain why each of the 2 prongs is important.

2.  Looking at the Ineffective Assistance of Counsel document, what are the five most common ineffective assistance of counsel claims?  In other words, what do defense attorneys do wrong that are claimed to be ineffective?

3.  Chose the one that you believe is the most problematic for defendants and tell us why.

4.  Lastly, choose one of the cases/defendants introduced in the second half of the document who were ultimately exonerated.  Read about their case and then do some research on them.  Read at least on other article/source about their case.  Tell us about their case and what their attorney did that was ineffective and how long they were incarcerated.

Respond to one other student who chose to talk about a different case than you did.

AOJ 204 Ineffective Assistance of Counsel 



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