AOJ 204 Plea Bargains


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AOJ 204 Plea Bargains

Plea Bargains (POST) (Links to an external site.)

Read the article in the above link.  And watch this week’s video.

What is a plea agreement? (Links to an external site.)
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Also make sure that you’ve read the textbook info on 326-338.

Let’s discuss plea bargains in general.

First, there are two types of plea bargains. One is a count plea bargain, the other is a sentencing plea bargain.  What’s the difference between the two?

Second, discuss why plea bargains are necessary in our system.  How do they help the criminal justice system? What would happen if we eliminated plea bargains?

Then let’s discuss how plea bargaining may be a negative aspect of the system.  What can go wrong with plea bargains?  Should they be limited?  Why would a person plead guilty to something they didn’t do?

AOJ 204 Plea Bargains



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