AOJ 204 Pre-trial Motions


2021FA-AOJ-204-2001-Criminal Trial Process


AOJ 204 Pre-trial Motions

Pre-trial Motions (POST)


Video: Cliff Helm wins several pre-trial motions (Links to an external site.)
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  “Pretrial Motion in Vehicular Manslaughter Case”


After watching this week’s video, why do you believe that the judge ruled in favor of the Defendant, thus not allowing the prosecutor to show pictures of the victims to the jury?  If you were the judge, would you have made the same decision? Can the argument be made that if the Defendant caused the damage, the jury should be able to see it?

What other pre-trial motions might a defense attorney or prosecutor argue before trial? Name one or two motions from the book and tell us about them.

AOJ 204 Pre-trial Motions



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