AOJ 204 Types of Evidence


2021FA-AOJ-204-2001-Criminal Trial Process


AOJ 204 Types of Evidence

Types of Evidence (POST)

The textbook (and the Powerpoint slides) talk about evidence that is used at trial.  There are two main categories of evidence. One is “DIRECT EVIDENCE,” and the other is “CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE.”  Make sure you have watched the two videos in our module this week before working in this forum.

Let’s start by defining each type of evidence. What is direct evidence, and what is circumstantial evidence?

Then give an example of two pieces of evidence that would fit under each of the two categories.

Which type of evidence is stronger? If a case involves only circumstantial evidence, does that mean it’s weaker than a case that also has direct evidence? Why or why not?

AOJ 204 Types of Evidence



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