AOJ 206 Assignment 1 Answers


AOJ-206-7580 – Criminal Investigation


AOJ 206 Assignment 1 Answers


Using your own residence or the residence of a family member or friend, create a hand-drawn (no computer assistance) sketch in the overhead view of 231 Main Street.

Be sure to properly document interior/exterior windows and doors and any additional key elements to the sketch (sheds, outbuildings, etc…as needed)

Properly label your sketch

  1. Label the sketch for proper geographic reference/orientation
  2. Location information
  3. Case number
  4. Date of sketch
  5. Is the sketch “To scale” – Be cautious here. Make sure you understand what you are indicating if you draw this sketch ‘To Scale’

Label evidence items in the sketch

You must include the following items:

  1. Fingerprint on an exterior window
  2. Used cigarette in bathroom
  3. Hammer in kitchen
  4. Screwdriver in a bedroom
  5. Window screen left on the ground below a window
  6. Night watch cap on ground
  7. Half-filled can of beer on the kitchen counter
  8. Photographs you took at the scene (you do not need to take photographs. Just note that you took them and they are being logged as evidence)

Create an evidence list/log

Properly document evidence collection

  1. Property tag # (create a property tag # or use D12345)
  2. Item # (each piece of evidence will have it’s own number)
  3. Item description
  4. Date and time the item was located
  5. Who located the evidence item
  6. Where was the item located
  7. Who collected the item
  8. Who logged the item
  9. Date and time the item was logged
  10. Where was the item logged in at
  11. Any request for lab work – Explain why you need it

Additional guidelines:

  1. This assignment will be graded using a rubric.
  2. Your paper will be free of plagiarism. The sketch must be hand drawn (no computer assistance – use a scanner or take a very clear picture and upload to the assignment submission). The evidence log must typed.
  3. Your paper will be grammatically sound and free of spelling and punctuation errors.
  4. The assignment will be submitted via Canvas. Make sure your name is no where on your assignment, instead create an alias. For guidance on submitting an assignment in Canvas, look to Canvas articles, “How do I submit an online assignment?” (Links to an external site.) and “How do I upload a file as an assignment submission in Canvas?” (Links to an external site.)
  5. No late assignments will be accepted. AOJ 206 Assignment 1 Answers


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