AOJ 206  Assignment 3 Answers


AOJ-206-7580 – Criminal Investigation


AOJ 206  Assignment 3 Answers


Use the case the National Registry of Exoneration (Links to an external site.) to help with your responses. You will also need to explore other reliable web-based resources to analyze this issue of wrongful convictions and exonerations. You must include two additional sources in APA format to help you with this submission. Consider incorporating current events into these responses to help make your points.

You must address all of these points for your submission:

  1. Review the National Registry of Exonerations (Links to an external site.) and choose a case – you can also use other reliable websites as needed to identify cases
  2. Outline details and allegations leading to arrest (Identify parties involved by name and role. Discuss “red-flags”)
  3. Outline details and concerns during trial/conviction (Identify parties involved by name and role. Discuss “red-flags” to include issues related to jury selection, admitted evidence and testimony)
  4. Outline details leading to exoneration (How was this process started? Who assisted defendant? What, exactly, led to exoneration? What happened after exoneration?)
  5. What could have been done better in this investigation/prosecution (Use course concepts and outside resources to support “best practice” discussion)
  6. Discuss the role of race in this case
  7. Historically, what has been the relationship of law enforcement and minorities – use GCCCD library resources to assist with this research
  8. What can be done to improve relations between law enforcement and minority groups, specifically related to law enforcement investigations.  AOJ 206  Assignment 3 Answers


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