AOJ 206 Unit 2 Discussion Answers


AOJ-206-7580 – Criminal Investigation


AOJ 206 Unit 2 Discussion Answers

Discussion Specifics



Discuss the following:

1. What is the role of the first responding officer to a crime scene?

2. What types of evidence may be found at a crime scene?

3. What is the chain of custody as it relates to evidence collection?

4. Why is evidence important?


Review each of the three images below. From top to bottom, they should be labeled # 1, # 2 and # 3.

1. List the type of evidence present in the picture and the collection procedures that the piece of evidence requires. Then, write down how you would document the collection of each item (use page 160 (3d. ed.) or page 151 (4th ed.) of the text or information from AOJ 206 Assignment # 1 for guidance on format).


REMEMBER: Be sure to use the PowerUp formatting for this discussion. Your discussions must incorporate at least three PowerUps. Please review the rubric for grading details.

You are not sending out a text message or tweet, so when writing your post, use proper English, grammar and writing mechanics. Make sure you include what you think about the respective section you are discussing.

Use the “Reply” icon to start your discussion. Once you type and spell-check your thread, use the “Post Reply” icon to submit your thoughts. Use can also review the Canvas video Links to an external site.on posting discussions.

Participants must create a thread in order to view other threads in this forum.

DIALOGUE – Using PowerUps as a guide, you will start by adding an initial response. The initial response is your initial thoughts to the prompts being asked so you can continue a conversation with your classmates. This has a different due date than the “overall” due date for the discussion. See the Canvas Calendar for specifics about the initial response due date and time.

For the initial response, you will contribute to the discussion by providing some background information followed up by your thoughts and opinions on the respective topic. It must be substantive and thoughtful dialogue. Use outside sources such as the news, Internet, popular media, your textbook, journal articles, etc to assist you here. Make sure to use proper APA formatting to cite your work if applicable.

Next, you will engage in dialogue with at least two classmate’s by asking questions, challenging ideas, and/or supporting his/her argument with material from the reading. Two responses is the minimum. You should engage in an on-going dialogue, even if it takes more than two responses. If a classmate or I ask you a question or challenge an idea, you need to respond. This is how we have a conversation and learn with each other.

There is not a minimum word count, however, you will need to add at least 3 – 5 sentences per PowerUp to adequately contribute to the dialogue. The on-going dialogue with classmates should, in theory, be able to continue a dialogue or conversation. Superficial dialogue such as “Good post” or “I like what you said” is not going to be appropriate for our dialogue. You must contribute much more to this discussion to earn full-credit. AOJ 206 Unit 2 Discussion Answers


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