BIOL 2404 Discussion Activity Ch 1




BIOL 2404 Discussion Activity Ch 1

DA01 – Discussion Activity Ch 1 Objectives (NOTE: this activity for all modules will count for 30% of your grade.)

Module 1 Icon2.JPGTo complete this discussion activity properly please refer back to the description of this graded “Academic Discussion Activity” in Module 0 and also review this activities grading Rubric. This activity is a significant portion of your overall grade (30%) and needs to be completed early in each module, well ahead of the deadline when possible.

The “due by” date for the Discussion Activity should be termed the “end by” date for your Study Group Discussion” but the Canvas software only allows me to label it “due by”.  You should complete your “objective” postings within the Discussion Activity as early in each Module as you can; so that, you can interact with your classmates within the Discussion Activity from the beginning of the module until the “due by” date.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to know and understand all of the course objectives independent of these discussion activities.  Your main source of knowledge for taking exams is the course textbook, which you are required to read. Objectives that are not chosen for these discussions are still your responsibility to study and understand for all module exams and the final exam.

BIOL 2404 Discussion Activity Ch 1



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