BIOL 2404 Mod 2 Graded Exam




BIOL 2404 Mod 2 Graded Exam

Mod 2 Graded Exam

Question 1
All of the following are true about the importance of water, an inorganic compound, in the body EXCEPT:
Question 2
The most abundant element in the human body is:
Question 3
The atomic number of an atom is equal to the number of ________ an atom contains.
Question 4
An atom’s outermost shell is known as its ________ shell.
Question 5
Proteins are synthesized from ________ during synthesis reactions.
Question 6
When a pair of electrons is shared equally between two atoms, the bond formed is called a(n):
Question 7
The only electrons that are important when considering bonding behavior are those in the _______ shell. This shell is called the _______ shell.
Question 8
Vitamin D and sex hormones are both:
Question 9
Elements are composed of building blocks known as ________.
Question 10
Which of the following statements about enzymes is true:
Question 11

Which of the following are composed of two types of building blocks: fatty acids and glycerol?
Question 12
Glycogen is the storage form of __________ in animals.
Question 13
Trans fats are oils that have been solidified by the addition of:
Question 14
Which of these factors will not increase the rate of a chemical reaction:
Question 15
Calcium is one of the major elements composing the human body.
Question 16
Water absorbs and releases large amount of energy before changing temperature, a characteristic known as ________.

Question 17
A solution with a pH of 7.0 ________.
Question 18
Which of the following is NOT true about proteins?

Question 19
To work effectively, proteins must have a _____.
Question 20
Match the following:

BIOL 2404 Mod 2 Graded Exam



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