BUS 311 Week 4 Quiz


Business Law I (BBL2147B)


BUS 311 Week 4 Quiz

Complete the quiz on the assigned readings for the week. The quiz contains 10 multiple-choice questions and is worth 5% of your course grade. You will have 12 hours to complete the quiz and it must be taken in one sitting.

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Question 1

A partnership generally is required to

Question 2
Isabel invents a new type of exercise shoe, which she calls the “Super Soul.” To protect the name of her product, Isabel should get a:
Question 3
Mark, Matt, and Janina have a partnership. Which of the following will dissolve it?
Question 4
The power of the government to regulate what use real property may be used for is known as:
Question 5
Cary, Dean, and Madeline are partners in a furniture store. Madeline wants to buy some antiques from an upcoming estate sale. Dean thinks it’s a good idea, but Cary says it is too pricey. Madeline goes ahead and buys the antiques. Which of the following best describes the situation?
Question 6
Which of the following is a partnership?
Question 7
Brandon, an officer for Beta Inc., contracts with Office Stuff for five new copy machines. The copiers are delivered, but Beta does not pay for them.  Office Stuff sues. Which of the following best describes the situation?
Question 8
Which of the following is NOT involved in doing business on behalf of the corporation?
Question 9
Which of the following does NOT have the advantage of single taxation?
Question 10
Laura gives her neighbor Jack the right to use Laura’s driveway to access his garage, since it is easier than going around by the alley. This is an example of:.BUS 311 Week 4 Quiz



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