Indoor and outdoor air 


CHEM-1040-02F – Chem & the Environment w/lab 


Indoor and outdoor air

Air Discussion: Air Pollution

The students will be able to locate and identify resources for

  • Describe air in terms of its major components, their relative amounts, and the local and regional variations in the composition of air (1.1-1.3)
  • List major air pollutants and describe the effects of each on humans. (1.3, 1.11-1.13)
  • Compare and contrast indoor and outdoor air in terms of which pollutants are likely to be present and their relative amounts (1.3, 1.13)
  • Interpret values of the color-coded AQI and know how to assess local air quality data from the EPA (1.3)
  • Understand the terms NAAQS, exposure, and toxicity, and why the NAAQS are set at different levels for different periods of time. (1.3)
  • Evaluate conditions significant in risk-benefit analysis (1.4)
  • Discuss the features of the periodic table, including the groups it contains and the locations of metals and nonmetals. (1.6)

 Indoor and outdoor air



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