Relate energy use to atmospheric pollution


CHEM-1040-02F – Chem & the Environment w/lab 


Relate energy use to atmospheric pollution

Energy From Combustion Discussion

The students will be able to locate and identify resources for

• Evaluate the risks and benefits associated with petroleum, coal, and natural gas as fossil-fuel energy sources. (4.6-4.7)

• Relate energy use to atmospheric pollution and global warming. (4.7-4.8)

• Understand the physical and chemical principles associated with petroleum refining. (4.7-4.8)

• Describe how octane ratings are assigned and explain how the refining process, and use of gasoline additives such as lead, ethanol, and MTBE affect octane ratings. (4.8)

• Describe why reformulated and oxygenated gasolines are used. (4.9-4.10)

• Understand activation energy, and how it relates to the rates of reaction. (4.10)

Relate energy use



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