Describe the accident at Chernobyl


CHEM-1040-02F – Chem & the Environment w/lab 


Describe the accident at Chernobyl

Nuclear Discussion

The students will be able to locate and identify resources for

  • Compare the processes of alpha, beta, and gamma decay in terms of the changes that occur in the nucleus of the radioactive atom (7.4)
  • Interpret the meaning of the word radiation, depending on the context (7.4)
  • Explain how the radioactive decay of uranium-238 leads to the production of a series of radioisotopes. Also explain why naturally occurring radioisotopes such as carbon-14 and hydrogen-3 are not part of this series. (7.4)
  • Describe the accident at Chernobyl and explain why radioactive iodine was released and was hazardous to people (7.5)
  • Rank the sources that contribute to your annual dose of radiation, both natural and human-made (7.6)

Describe the accident



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