Describe hydrogen bonding


CHEM-1040-02F – Chem & the Environment w/labĀ 


Describe hydrogen bonding

Water Discussion

The students will be able to locate and identify resources for

  • Describe hydrogen bonding and its importance to the properties of water. (5.6)
  • Describe how the densities of ice and water are related to the structure of the water molecule. (5.6)
  • Determine the formulas for ionic compounds, including those with common polyatomic ions. (5.7-5.8)
  • Provide the names of simple ionic compounds, given their formulas. (5.7-5.8)
  • Explain how ionic compounds dissolve in water. (5.9)
  • Explain how covalent substances dissolve in water. (5.10)
  • Understand the role of federal legislation in protecting safe drinking water. (5.11)
  • Discuss the maximum contaminant level goal (MCLG) and the maximum contaminant level (MCL) established by the EPA to ensure water quality. (5.11)
  • Discuss how drinking water is made safe to drink. (5.11-5.15)
  • Relate chlorination with water purification. (5.11)
  • Describe atomic absorption spectrophotometry as a method for analyzing contaminants in

Describe hydrogen bonding



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