CIS 256L Assignments 5.2 Project: Project Planning Phase 5



5.2 ProjectProject Planning Phase 5

With the increased utilization of computer technology, many medical practices, clinics, and doctors’ offices are moving to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Many insurance companies now require claim forms to be submitted electronically. Additionally, most pharmacies now accept – and prefer – electronic prescriptions. The net effect is that many small practices are grouping together and are moving to EMR.

A group of 3 offices is consolidating into a single managed entity. These sites include Bayside Memorial Hospital, Tiburon Medical Park, and Larkspur Ambulatory Complex.

Before you begin, be sure to review the following resources:


Submit a Word document containing your recommendation for a backup product for Bayside Hospital’s network.  This can be a bundled Microsoft utility, third-party in-house software, an outsourced solution, or any combination of these options.  Keep in mind you’ll need to backup not only user-created documents and the EMR system but the Active Directory database as well.


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