CJS 201 WK 4 Discussion


CJS 201 WK 4 Discussion


CJS 201 WK 4 Discussion
CJS/201: Introduction To Criminal Justice

Wk 4 Discussion – The Corrections System [due Thurs]

The term corrections implies that someone or something is going to be corrected. Reflect on what you have learned this week about the types of services and programs in the corrections component of criminal justice. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • What is the difference between jails and prisons? Why is it important to understand the difference?
  • How do parole and probation differ and what are determining factors in deciding which an offender should receive?
  • In your opinion, to what extent do jails, prisons, parole, and probation hinder or enhance the concept of corrections?


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