CJS 201 WK 5 Discussion


CJS 201 WK 5 Discussion


CJS 201 WK 5 Discussion
CJS/201: Introduction To Criminal Justice

Wk 5 Discussion – Career Interest Assessment [due Thurs]

As you progress through the University’s Criminal Justice program, you will have undoubtedly considered different careers within this field. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Describe two possible careers that interest you as a criminal justice professional.
  • Answer the following questions about each of the careers you reviewed:
  • What interests you most about these careers?
  • What personal qualities or abilities do you possess that might make you successful in each career?
  • What steps might you take to learn more about each career?
  • What challenges or benefits might you experience in these careers?

Consider incorporating concepts you have learned in this course related to criminal justice agencies, police, courts, and corrections; and social and behavioral theories.


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