How might community policing help control


CRJU-1100-01F – Intro to Criminal Justice



 How might community policing help control

Discussion Activity 7

Throughout the Reagan-Bush era, the U.S. Supreme Court was characterized by an ideological shift toward the right. Many feel that the administration of George W. Bush renewed that shift. The Obama administration, however, has had the opportunity to nominate a new group of justices. How might the daily activities of police officers, lower-court functionaries and prison administrators be affected by the Court’s changing makeup? Which group of individuals would be more supportive of a conservative Supreme Court individual-rights advocates or public-order advocates? How do you feel about the high court’s current ideology?
Describe community policing and explain how it differs from traditional forms of policing. How might community policing help control police corruption as well as crime?

 How might community policing help control





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