Do you believe the increasing trend


CRJU-3137-01F – Judicial Process



 Do you believe the increasing trend

M9: The Criminal Trial

Traditionally, in the adversarial model practiced in the United States judges and juries have a passive role during the trial while the attorneys actively present evidence in a contest that is ultimately decided by these passive observers. In the past decade or so some jurisdictions have moved toward allowing jurors to ask questions, typically mediated by the judge, during the trial or prior to deliberation. Active jury and judicial participation is essential in inquisitorial systems that see the trial as a culmination of the truth seeking process, i.e. a continuation of the investigation of the crime. Do you believe the increasing trend of allowing jurors to ask question is a positive or negative modification to the traditional adversarial process? Is it compatible with an adversarial system (keeping in mind the roles played by participants in the system)?

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 Do you believe the increasing trend





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