How do the recruitment standards


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How do the recruitment standards

WK 7 DB/ Chapter 5 DB

How do the recruitment standards for the law enforcement agencies in your area compare with those in other parts of the country? First, select a list of agencies in your area. Choose either the agencies in your immediate metropolitan area (which would include the major city police department and suburban departments) or the state, or, for example, a multistate region if applicable (say, for example, the Kansas City area, which would include two states and a combination of city and suburban departments). Second, use the Web to identify the minimum qualifications for each agency. Most (but not all) agencies post employment criteria on their Web site. Third, compile the data in a table that is easily readable. Are there any significant differences in employment standards by size of agency or other factor? Does any particular agency appear to have relatively low standards?

How do the recruitment standards




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