How harshly should you be punished


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How harshly should you be punished

Economic Marginalization Scenario and discussion

Imagine you are a parent of young children (some of you may not have to imagine very hard).  You have a high school education, but you only barely passed.  You work hard and obey the law.  You hold down a job, take care of your children, pay your bills, and take responsibility for yourself.  You believe strongly in hard work and respect for the system.  Let’s imagine you work at some kind of manufacturing facility.  You have thought about going back to college but you worry about how well you could do, how much it would cost, and you’ve just never been that keen on school.

One day your boss comes in and announces that your plant is being shut down because the owners of the plant have decided that they can operate more cheaply in China, where labor is much cheaper and there are fewer environmental and worker protection regulations.  You try to find a job at other nearby manufacturing facilities, but they’re not hiring either.  You apply for welfare, but the benefits are meager and temporary.  You struggle every month to pay your bills and provide for your family.  There are many nights where your children go to bed hungry.  You are way behind on your electric bill, and have received warnings that your power is about to be cut off.

(This is not a farfetched scenario.  It is happening in many families across America.)

You have always followed the law, but one day your cousin, who you always suspected of being involved in drug dealing but never really knew for sure, comes to you and offers you the opportunity to help him with his drug sales.  He simply wants you to keep some packages at your house for him.  He tells you that you don’t have to know what is in the packages, and he will occasionally come by to drop some off or pick some up.  He knows the police will never suspect you because you have never been in trouble.  He offers to pay you $500.00 a month in cash every month simply for storing these packages at your house.  He wants to make sure the kids don’t see them so he suggests putting them up in the attic so the kids will be safe.

You’ve been unemployed for over a year and there are no prospects for any jobs for unskilled labor anywhere.  Would you be tempted by this offer?

How harshly should you be punished when you get caught?  What should happen to the children when you go to prison?

Post your reply in the discussion area.  Also respond to two of your classmates entries.

How harshly should you be punished




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