The area of public order crimes


CRJU-4032-02F – Criminal Behavior



The area of public order crimes

M14 Discussion Activity Legalization
Discussion Instructions

For this discussion, please answer the following question. A very hotly debated topic in the area of public order crimes is the legalization of narcotics in the United States. This has already been done in many states in terms of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes, and some researchers and advocates of legalization propose we should legalize other drugs as well including heroin and cocaine. What are your thoughts on the legalization of narcotics in the US? Should we do it or not? In your post, make sure to include the following:
1. Your answer to whether or not drugs should be legalized in the US. 1a. If you answer yes, which ones should be legal?
2. Two reasons supporting your opinionwhy should they be made legal, or why should they continue to be illegal? (Note: responses in favor of legalization should focus on criminal justice implications as opposed to a personal desire to legalize for your own consumption…ie: don’t put “We should legalize so I can legally get high” as a reason).
In addition, to receive full credit for the discussion, you will also have to respond to at least one
classmate’s post. Examples of possible responses:

o Ask classmate for clarification on the post

o Challenging a peer’s comment (support your reason)

o Do you agree or disagree with their opinion? Why agree/disagree?

The area of public order crimes



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