The subculture of violence


CRJU-4032-02F – Criminal Behavior



The subculture of violence

M5 Discussion Activity Other Subcultures
Discussion Instructions

For this discussion, please answer the following question. This week we discussed how subcultures are formed, how values are learned in the subculture, and we talked specifically about subcultures in lower class communities where there is not access to legitimate opportunities for success, status, and respect. One such example was the subculture of violence and how this subculture condones and supports the use of violence, thus engaging and crime and delinquency. For this discussion, I would like you to think of other groups (aside from lower class communities) that might be considered a subculture that holds values supportive of crime and delinquency. Identify the group you think could be considered a subculture and explain why you think this is the case.

Example: A street gang is a group that has been considered by many to be a subculture that engages in crime and delinquency. In addition, to receive full credit for the discussion, you will also have to respond to at least one classmate’s post. You must do one of the following:
o Provide additional information supporting a classmate’s opinion that the group is a

o Make your case for why the group identified by a classmate is not a subculture

The subculture of violence



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