General Theory of Crime


CRJU-4032-02F – Criminal Behavior



General Theory of Crime

M7 Discussion Activity SelfControl
Discussion Instructions

For this discussion, please answer the following question. This week we talked about Gottfredson and Hirschis General Theory of Crime. They propose that crime is the result of low selfcontrol which is determined by events early in a persons life. According to Gottfredson and Hirschi, the level of selfcontrol one has is determined and fixed by age 8. What is your opinion on their belief that the level of selfcontrol a person has is unchanging after age 8? Do you think they are right, or did they miss the mark? Briefly explain your reasoning. In addition, to receive full credit for the discussion, you will also have to respond to at least one classmate’s post. Examples of possible responses:
o Ask classmate for clarification on the post

o Challenging a peer’s comment (support your reason)

o Do you agree or disagree with their opinion? Why agree/disagree?

General Theory of Crime



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