Should the criminal justice system


CRJU-4032-02F – Criminal Behavior



Should the criminal justice system

M8 Discussion Activity Sneaky Thrill
Discussion Instructions

For this discussion, please answer the following question.
In this week’s presentation, Jack Katz’s Seduction of Crime was discussed. Katz’s argument is based on the notion that people commit crime because it makes them feel good. There is a rush and sense of exhilaration that comes over a person when he or she commits a crime and that gives a person a high.
For example, if a person shoplifts an item and makes it out of the store without getting caught, the person feels a rush. If people commit crimes partly because it makes them feel good to do so, how do we prevent and reduce crime? How do you stop a person from committing crime if they are doing it because it gives them a physical rush? What alternatives could people do to experience the same rush without committing crime?

Should the criminal justice system provide these alternatives as a method of crime prevention? What are your thoughts? In addition, to receive full credit for the discussion, you will also have to respond to at least one classmate’s post. Examples of possible responses:
o Ask classmate for clarification on the post

o Challenging a peer’s comment (support your reason)

o Do you agree or disagree with their opinion? Why agree/disagree?

Should the criminal justice system



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