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Weekly Informed Citizen Journal Directions


ENGL 101 Journal.  San Diego Community College District

Weekly Informed Citizen Journal Directions

Remember that not all information is good information, especially in an online environment.1 We need to know how to test sources for credibility.


Find a recent article from the past year that you think is significant. Write 350-700 words about the following:

  1. You MUST use a different place of publication for each journal entry. Duplicates do not
  2. Give author, title, and place of publication
  3. Recount the article in 50-200 words. Make sure I can clearly see that you read the article
  4. Why is the incident significant?
  5. Research the place of publication, then evaluate for CRAAP (see below) in 50-250
  6. DUE DATES: Journals are due every Sunday by midnight beginning Sunday 30 August through the end of the semester. Do not wait for me to assign them; use an article each week from your own current news reading. Articles do not have to be political: use whatever type of news you normally
  7. CAUTION: Be sure to add a comment to each journal entry submission stating the Journal number, such as Journal 1 or J1. You may add the topic or publication to help you keep. ENGL 101 Journal. 



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