ENGL 101 Personal Narrative Peer Review


Personal Narrative Peer Review


ENGL 101 Personal Narrative Peer Review.   San Diego Community College District

Please respond to the following. NOTE: Yes or no answers are not acceptable.

  1. Do the title and the first few sentences make the reader want to read on? If so, why is it so effective? If not, how else might the author begin the piece?
  2. Does the writer set up the exposition of the narrative well? Tell the writer where s/he could use more detail to help set the scenario (situation; circumstances).
  3. Is there dialogue in the narrative? Dialogue is an effective tool to characterize, to move the narrative forward; and to give the narrative more credibility. Let the writer know where the dialogue is effective, and also let the writer know where more dialogue, or any dialogue, would add to the point the writer is.
  4. Is the narrative organized in an effective manner? Do you think the structure is sound, or do you think the events should be ordered in a different way? Either give the writer some advice on organization, or, explain why the organization works so
  5. How does the action keep the readers engaged? What is it about the narrative that makes you want to read to the end? Identify and explain an indicative sentence (a sentence that compels readers to keep going). Also, give the writer an idea of where you think they could add sentences that help move things
  6. What is the significance of the personal narrative to the writer? That is, does the writer make a point about the experience described in the narrative (usually toward the end)? If so, is this stated effectively? If not, make some suggestions. ENGL 101 Personal Narrative Peer Review

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