Explore the end members of living sustainably


GEOL-1340-01F – Environmental Geology



Explore the end members of living sustainably

M1 Discussion-Leading a Sustainable Life

This week you learned how our planet consists of an atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and solid earth, all of which operate together as a highly complex system.  Because humans are an integral part of this system, our activities have had a profound effect on the planet in modern times.  For example, consider how the natural environment has been changed by farming, logging, mining, and construction activities.  Also this week you learned about Easter Island and how its previous society had been living unsustainably, ultimately leading to its collapse.

For this discussion activity, I want you to actively explore the end members of living sustainably.  Specifically, I want everyone to do something that they do not normally do on a weekly basis and report about it.

The first assignment, is to do something that is considered Green or sustainable that you do not regularly do.  Examples could be recycle (which I really hope everybody does anyway) car pool, walk to work, ride a bike to work, take a bus, start a compost pile….. the possibilities are endless.

The second assignment is for everybody to do something that is NOT sustainable.  Examples may be leaving the lights on when you leave the house or room, throwing away your left overs rather than saving them, throwing away your recycling, turning the AC up,……. you get the idea.

After everybody has completed their assignment, I would like everybody to report what they have done and how they felt about it.  This should be fun and hopefully enlightening as well.



Explore the end members of living sustainably




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