Origination of plate tectonics


GEOL-1340-01F – Environmental Geology



Origination of plate tectonics and continental drift

M4 Discussion-Scrat’s World

For this discussion, I would like everybody to veiw the short film below.  It is a new theory on the driving force and origination of plate tectoncis and continental drift.


This, of course, is not real.  If you haven’t seen the full movie, Ice Age: Continental Drift, I reccomend it.  It wasn’t as good as the previous one, but it is still great.

This short film about a squirrel cracking the world in half is a fairly good teaching tool.  For this discussion, I want everybody to list at least 3 things about the film that are scientifically accurate according to what we have learned this chapter, and 4 things are inaccurate.  The more sciency the better.  I will be looking for a combination of creativity with research and references.  Each item should have a breif explanation as to why or why not it is scientifically correct.

Get creative, have fun, let me know.


Origination of plate tectonics




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