Take two positions on flooding


GEOL-1340-01F – Environmental Geology



Take two positions on flooding

M8 Discussion- Streams and Flooding

For this exercise, you will take two positions on flooding.  The first is that of a developer responding to the below letter addressing your planned development on a nearby floodplain.  The second, will be that of a green river keeper opposed to any type of development within a floodplain.  The second reply should be to one of your classmate’s reply to the letter below.  It should specifically point out reasons that their plan is likely to work or not to work.  You may not reply to someone that has already been replied to.  Nobody get offended, this should all be constructive.



Dear Mr. Moremoney,


We here at the department of development for the Scenic City have received your request to construct a middle income development of 45 homes over 4 acres just upstream of the main City limits.  As you may or may not be aware, the portion of land you are requesting to develop lies within the flood plain of the Highwater River Chanel.  This may be why you were able to buy the land for such a low price.  We understand you intend to construct your homes on both sides of the river in the floodplain adjacent to the natural levees.  Normally, construction within a floodplain is discouraged for several reasons:

–       There is a danger to the development from frequent flood events.

–       There is a danger to the health of the river channel from construction activities.

–       There is a danger to Scenic city if your development does not take the proper actions to insure against the potential for worsened downstream flooding.


If you would like your permit granted, please reply to this letter addressing our concerns in detail.  Specifically, detail the exact cause of each of our concerns and tell us how you intend to remedy the concern.


Yours truly,


Likesto Sue-a-lot


City Engineer


Take two positions on flooding




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