Health Care Quality Management Reflection Paper ANSWER


  • Weight: 12% of the course grade
  • Grading Rubric
  • Due: Tuesday, 09/21/2021 11:59 PM (CST)


The textbook’s authors, Johnson & Sollecito (2020, p. xiv), posed two questions in their foreword to start the critical thinking process of the reader.
  1. “If we make improving quality, safety, and value an “enterprise-wide effort,” what do we need to know and do?”
  2. “If we make improving the “value of the health care service contribution to better health” our focus, what do we need to know and do?”
Now that you have reached the end of this course and synthesized the concepts presented, you will choose one of the two questions above and write a reflection paper in which you answer their question. Your reflection paper should accomplish the following:
  • integrate course concepts to assess the knowledge and actions needed to affect continuous quality improvement in health care;
  • determine components of traditional quality assurance and quality improvement processes that you believe the healthcare industry will need to implement in the future to achieve the outcomes set forth in your answer to the question;
  • reflect an in-depth consideration and personalization of the concepts, and strategies presented in this course;
  • present insightful interpretations that are supported with scholarly resources and that clearly demonstrate critical thinking; and
  • conclude the implications of your answer to the question on your own future learning or professional endeavors.
Your reflection paper must be a minimum of three pages, not counting any title or reference pages. You must use at least three academically reliable sources to support your opinions, however, your textbook may not be one of them. Adhere to APA Style when creating all citations and references for this assignment.


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