Employee Training


HRMD 314 Human Resource Management


Employee Training

Understanding Employee Training

Please review the following in our course text,  Human Resource Management ebook (Open Textbook Library) (Links to an external site.):

  • 8.1 Types of Training
  • 8.2 Training Delivery Methods
  • 10.1 Handling Performance
  • 11.1 Performance Evaluation Systems

You will notice that employee training, performance appraisals, and advancement have clear ties to each other. In your current role within your organization, please consider the following questions: Which type(s) of training are most appropriate for your current role? What mechanisms are in place to ensure that you are aware of your performance? What types of rating errors have you experienced? And, how would you modify the current practices within your organization to better meet the needs of employee development?

Please create a multimedia presentation using Prezi™, Powtoons™, or PowerPoint® with audio that provides responses to these questions, and post your presentation to the discussion forum. Check out the tools listed on the Optional Presentation Tools page.

If you choose to use PowerPoint® for this assignment, for assistance review the Recording Guide.

 Employee Training



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