Did Whitfield experience discrimination


HRMD 314 Human Resource Management


Did Rob Whitfield experience discrimination

Explaining Discrimination

  • Socrates believed that as a student it is more important to enable you to think for yourself than to simply provide the correct answer. One way to accomplish this is by keeping the conversation going by responding to questions with questions instead of answers. This process encourages critical thinking, an exploration of multiple viewpoints, and focuses on the discussion on a specific learning outcome. In this assignment, the point is not to find the correct answer to a question, but to generate as many potential responses as possible.

    Before you begin this assignment, please watch the following video:

    Sexual Orientation and the Law – A Case Study (YouTube, 2:10)

  • After watching this video, record a video of your response to the question “Did Rob Whitfield experience discrimination, and if so how do we know?“Note, you are encouraged to use ‘Studio’ for your video response. For assistance, review the information in the Recording Guide.

Did Rob Whitfield experience discrimination



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