Globalization is necessary


HRMD 314 Human Resource Management


Globalization is necessary

The Globalization Debate

Topic Statement: “Globalization is necessary for businesses to reach their full potential in the 21st century.”

Your Group Leader as appointed in Activity 5.3, will identify an equal number of participants from your group to represent opposing sides of the Topic Statement. If you are selected as “Pro,” please provide an argument to support the Topic Statement. If you are selected as “Con,” please provide an argument that presents an opposing viewpoint to the Topic Statement.

Group Leader – Assign team members to a position (“Pro” or “Con”).

Have fun! This activity is intended to spur an engaging scholarly discourse by considering contrasting viewpoints of the benefits of globalization. You will earn a “completion” for this activity by demonstrating knowledge of your assigned viewpoint and ability to engage in a friendly scholarly discussion.




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