Describe the New Deal program


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Describe the New Deal program

Discussion Legacy of the New Deal

The New Deal came under criticism from both the left and the right. Some of its measures were more successful than others. Whatever the criticism and whatever its faults, the New Deal achieved many results.

Roosevelt’s plan helped millions of families survive financial devastation. Its conservation and infrastructure projects improved the American landscape. It drew the nation’s attention away from the pursuit of purely private gain to the search for a common good.

The New Deal changed the role of the federal government and people’s expectations of government in fundamental ways. The federal government took on new responsibilities for the well-being of Americans. Popular programs like Social Security made people look to the federal government as a protector of their welfare.

Briefly describe the New Deal program that you chose to research. Include in your description whether it was relief, recovery, or reform, and why. Explain whether you think it’s valuable today.

Describe the New Deal program


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