Math 1314 Graphing Linear Functions




Math 1314 Graphing Linear Functions

Watch this: … (if you don’t get the painting reference, look up Bob Ross on Google 🙂 ) (Links to an external site.)
…and answer the following questions:


  1. Why do you think we use two number lines to graph functions/equations?
  2. Also, graph the following ordered pairs:  {(3,0), (-2,4), (0, -2), (1,-5), (-4,-3)}


Post your answers below in the Reply text box.   For #2, attach a picture of your answer by

  • graphing the ordered pairs on paper
  • taking a picture of your work with your phone
  • press the “Attach” button (paper clip) in the bottom left
  • press “Choose File”
  • And then find your picture and press “open”

You must also respond (collaborate) to at least one classmate’s post.  Respond (reply) to another student with why you agree or disagree with them on Question #1.


To Post:

  • Please type your response in the Reply text box below, then click the Post Reply button to reply to the discussion.

To Collaborate:

  • Review/Respond to at least one classmate’s post.

Math 1314 Graphing Linear Functions



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