MGT 312T Week 3 Discussion Answer


NURS 3150/3151: Foundations of Nursing Research


MGT 312T Week 3 Discussion Answer

Post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to other students.

Due Thursday

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

This post has two parts: 

  • Part 1: Evaluate your personality self-assessments, as well as the things that motivate you the most. Discuss the results of your Week 2 and Week 3 self-assessments and whether you agree or disagree with your results. 
  • Part 2: After reading the posts of your classmates, find someone with a different personality style or someone who is motivated differently than you. Brainstorm ways you would work with this individual in order to be productive in the workplace.

Due Monday

Reply to at least two of your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses. MGT 312T Week 3 Discussion Answer

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