MGT 380 Week 3 Quiz


Leadership for Organizations (BFJ2202B)


MGT 380 Week 3 Quiz: Mid-Course Quiz [WLO: 3] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

This quiz will assess your understanding of the main concepts and themes discussed the textbook readings up to this point in the course.

Prior to taking this quiz,

  • Consider reviewing Chapters 1 through 5 of An Introduction to Leadership.
  • Consider reviewing Chapter 10 from Leadership: Theory and Practice.

The quiz contains 20 multiple-choice questions and is worth 10% of your course grade. You will have 60 minutes to complete the quiz, and it must be taken in one sitting. You will have two attempts to take this quiz.

Click on the Take the Quiz button when you are ready to start this exam. When finished, click on Submit Quiz.

Question 1
John wants to develop a culture based on trust and open communication within his workgroup, but the company’s overarching culture has caused employees to be doubtful of new initiatives and ideas. John is struggling with managing due to issues with the organization’s _____.
Question 2
A meta-analysis of leadership and personality studies found that four of the Big Five dimensions are associated with being an effective leader. Which of the following best captures the order from strongest to weakest effect of the four characteristics?
Question 3
Jamal is managing a group of physicians. They are highly involved with their work, care deeply about their patients, and are known experts in the region. Which of the leadership styles should Jamal exhibit?
Question 4
Lane is very self-aware and is particularly skilled at noticing how his behavior affects the emotions of his peers and followers. Which of the following attributes best describes Lane?
Question 5
Colby transferred within the company to head up a new sales division. The employees he inherited are all skilled at sales, yet they appear to be unmotivated and uncommitted to doing their work. Based on the Situational Leadership Model II®, which leader style would be best for Colby to use?
Question 6
Jenny is in charge of a group of employees who work in a kitchen to prepare meals for elderly individuals. The work is very simple and repetitive, yet the employees consistently report that they love their job, they enjoy working for Jenny, and they appreciate the extra perks and rewards that Jenny is able to distribute. Based on Fiedler’s leadership-situation theory, how is the situation described, and what leadership style would be best?
Question 7
Jay’s boss just asked him to complete the Least Preferred Coworker scale. It is likely that Jay’s boss is trying to measure:
Question 8
Understanding various ethical principles is important, because it helps a manager to:
Question 9
Which of the following companies was NOT listed as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2015?
Question 10
Which of the following is NOT an outcome associated with Kouzes and Posner’s leadership characteristic “enabling others to act”?
Question 11
Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, grew up in a housing project, where his family had no health benefits. As CEO, he is passionate about providing a top-tier benefits package to all employees. This is an example of:
Question 12
Motivations or actions that are based on ideas of what is right and wrong are known as _____.
Question 13
Simon Sinek’s TED Talk encourages people to “Focus on Why,” emphasizing finding the meaning in their work, then finding motivation in that meaning. This concept is most closely aligned with which of the transformational characteristics?
Question 14
Sven works to understand his employees’ values and then describes a vision for the future that matches those values. Based on Kouzes and Posner’s leadership challenge, Sven is:
Question 15
The internship coordinator at the college may not have an advanced degree, but his wife is CEO of the local electric company, and they frequently interact with all of the region’s CEO and senior-level staff. This gives the internship coordinator what type of power?
Question 16
When General Frederick gives an order, cadets respond whether they respect his perspective or not. Which of the following types of power best describe the cadets’ willingness to respond?
Question 17
While watching her group interact, Lola determines that the members have reached the performing stage of group development. Which of the following behaviors is Lola likely observing?
Question 18
Many universities form tight-knit alumni networks, causing the alumni to continue to use each other as a resource for career placement, but also resulting in donations to the university because the alumni maintain a sense of gratitude to the university. This is an example of what type of networking?
Question 19

Javier’s team members appear very apprehensive during the first team meeting. No one is speaking, and it is clear that they have some uncertainty regarding the nature of the task. Which of the following is the best behavior for Javier to demonstrate?
Question 20
Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding team size? MGT 380 Week 3 Quiz



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