Benefit from population shift trend


MKTG-3131-01F – Principles of Marketing



Benefit from population shift trend

M2 Discussion

By now, you should have read the chapter and taken the quiz. For this assignment/discussion activity, I want you to respond to the following question in the Discussion area in this learning module.

• The population shift from suburbs to exurbs and small towns was discussed in the material you were to read in your textbook this week (Chapter 3). In 2005 my family and I moved from Acworth (I was teaching at Kennesaw State University) to Statesboro. Trust me, it was quite a culture shock!  While small town living certainly has advantages, such as no traffic jams, it provides a decidedly different lifestyle.  What businesses and industries do you believe are likely to benefit from this population shift trend?  How will retailers need to change to accommodate these consumers?

•   At minimum, you should have an original discussion posting address this question, and two other discussion postings building on the original comments (discussion postings) of classmates.  Ideally, you will integrate textbook material found in both chapters 1 and 3 into your comments.

Benefit from population shift trend



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