Visit the Myspace web site


MKTG-3131-01F – Principles of Marketing



Visit the Myspace web site

M9 Discussion

By now, you should have read the chapter and taken the quiz. For this discussion activity, I want you to respond to the following question in the Discussion area in this learning module.

• To many of us, Myspace dropped out of the picture when Facebook came along.  However, Myspace is still available as a promotional platform for musical artists.  On their Myspace page musical artists can share their music along with other information such as blog posts and concert dates, in what can seem to be a very personal fashion.  For this discussion question, first visit the Myspace web site ( and after becoming familar with the site, address the following questions:

a) Who seems to be the target market for members?

b) What is being promoted to these individuals?

c) What seems to be the promotional objectives of this website?

d) Is word-of-mouth communication occuring at this website?  Explain your response.

• At minimum, you should have an original discussion posting address this question, and two other discussion postings building on the original comments (discussion postings) of classmates.

Visit the Myspace web site



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