NSG2160 RNSG2160 Twelve Steps Answers


RNSG 2160 Mental Health Nursing Clinical


NSG2160 RNSG2160 Twelve Steps Answers  Houston Community College


  1. Student must attend, one AA group, where the group leader is a peer, not a Your attendance must be an open meeting.
  2. Students will respect the anonymity/confidentiality of the group No last names or any identifiable criteria will be obtained from members of the group.
  3. Student will dress appropriately (no shorts, t-shirts, tight clothes, etc.) Students will not wear name tags or any other markings which will identify them as an HCC student. Student’s focus in attending this self-help program is NOT participation but observation of interactions within the

Directions for Paper:

After attending 12-Step meetings, the student will submit a typed (1–2 page) paper. The papers must include a grade sheet as well as the items listed below. 12 Step papers must be typed and in APA format. Points will be deducted (maximum of five (5) points) for spelling, grammar, punctuation errors. There will be eight (8) sections in the paper, and each section will be labeled by the title of the alpha label, and will contain the descriptive response for that section. For example: a. Type of Group Attended; b. Philosophy of the meeting. Five points per day will be deducted for papers not submitted on time. After 2 days of late work, the clinical instructor has the discretion of not taking the written work and student receiving a 0.

  1. Identify the type of group attended (i.e. Alcoholic Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, etc.)
  2. Describe the philosophy of the particular 12-Step Meeting
  3. Where was the meeting held and who sponsored the meeting?
  4. Discuss the demographic make-up of the group members
  5. What were the ground rules for the meeting?
  6. Describe the interactions that took place while the meeting was in
  7. Describe the primary theme or themes that seemed to dominate the group process. Were they directly or indirectly related to the stated reasons for the group meeting?
  8. Describe the major functional problem area(s) of the group members. How does abuse affect their life? NSG2160 RNSG2160 Twelve Steps Answer



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