PSY 120 Research Paper


2020SP-PSY-120-3998- Introductory Psychology


PSY 120 Research Paper

Project Individual Paper Submission.


Minimum length of Three Full PagesDouble Spaced, Size 12 Times Font, Normal Margins and Spacing. (No wasted space at the top of paper). To be accepted must be submitted in .doc, .docx, .txt, or .rtf format.

Format: Paper meets above guidelines and also contains clearly defined:

1) Introduction Paragraph

2) Body Paragraphs with Topic Sentences (Topic sentences start each body paragraph and explain/preview what you will cover in that paragraph)

3) Conclusion Paragraph

4) Works Cited Page with APA format citations. (This page DOES NOT count towards your length minimum)

Individual Paper will be submitted via VeraCite plagiarism checker and any paper with a plagiarism score will not be accepted. PSY 120 Research Paper



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