PSYC 2314 Discussion 2




PSYC 2314 Discussion 2

Discussion 2 (Chapter 3 & 4)

Instructions: Answer each question thoroughly. Your response must be a minimum of 50 words and show comprehension of the topic through providing examples, text book related information, information gathered from research, etc. Each question is worth 5 points equating to a possible total of 10 points. If you fail to answer one of the questions, you will not receive points for the unanswered question.

Question 1 (5 points): How does malnutrition affect children?

Discuss the physicalpsychological, and intellectual effects. Provide an example for each effect to support your answer.

View this video to get further understanding of malnutrition in children:Child Malnutrition – What? How? And when to Refer.. (Links to an external site.)Child Malnutrition - What? How? And when to Refer..


Question 2 (5 points): Provide 2 conditions that may lead to insecure attachment between infants and caregivers?

What would be some specific approaches you would use to change those conditions?

PSYC 2314 Discussion 2



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