Psychological Perspectives


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Psychological Perspectives

Section 1 Discussion: Psychological Perspectives/Psychological Research


Post at least two responses of 150 words each to one or more of the section discussion prompts. In other words, you may respond two times to the thread of one of the discussion prompts, or once in each of two threads, and so on. You may respond directly to the prompt and/or respond to a classmate’s response. To earn full credit, follow these guidelines:
  1.  Your responses should show clear understanding of the corresponding course material and original critical thinking.
  2. Include explicit reference to concepts, ideas, theories, principles, and/or research findings in the textbook or other learning resources provided.
  3. Students should paraphrase (state in your own words) concepts from the textbook or other learning resources; direct quotations do not show understanding and may not be used.
  4. Students may also include personal examples or opinions if appropriate, but these should be acknowledged as such and should reflect the student’s understanding or analysis of concepts from the course material.
  5. ADD SOMETHING NEW TO THE CONVERSATION. Be sure to read all existing posts for a prompt before composing your response. You should not just be repeating what someone else has already said.
It is best to compose all written work using word processor software and to save what you have written as a file on your own computer. This practice protects you against losing your work to a browser crash, a system time-out, or other technology glitches (and gives you the added option to save your work and resume it later). When you are ready to post to a discussion board, copy the text of your statement and paste it into the appropriate submission textbox and click the Submit button.

Psychological Perspectives



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