RNSG2160 Clinical Assignment Answers


RNSG 2160 Mental Health Nursing Clinical


RNSG2160 Clinical Assignment Answers  Houston Community College

  A Beautiful Mind

Students are to complete the Mental Health Care Plan located in Canvas – Modules – Forms section of RNSG2160. Complete the following section of the care plan, it must be typed (Times New Roman 10-12pt) and submitted on the date designated by your clinical instructor in Canvas under Assignments. Care plans will be graded by your clinical instructor.

  1. Identify at least five mental health issues based on the observation of the client in the film when they were at their lowest point.
  2. Provide three tentative mental health nursing diagnosis with data to support the diagnosis.
  3. Identify potential labs which would be drawn and expected results, if any.
  4. Select the top 3 nursing diagnosis in order of highest priority.
  5. Supply factors observed in the film which would support the top three nursing diagnosis.
  6. Select three nursing interventions for each diagnosis, which support each diagnosis (i.e., potential medication, potential alterations in physical/psychological abilities, potential development and cultural aspects of nursing care).
  7. Document at least 3 potential outcomes which are measureable and related to the nursing diagnosis.



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